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“Elise guided me through a voyage of discovery that helped me recognize behaviours that were unintentionally hindering me from elevating my performance. I was able to move forward with tools and a plan. As a result, I have expanded my network, eased my stress and ultimately feel more confident in my leadership. I never saw myself as an “influencer” before and I honestly feel that my experience with Elise enabled me to really find that in myself.”


“Elise did an excellent job providing objective guidance in my leadership journey while also providing insightful feedback.”

-- Andy

"Elise provides a safe and nurturing  environment where you can express your concerns/

goals and work towards how to overcome/work on them.  Her calm demeanor and

knowledge is insightful and professional yet she creates a great human connection with you."

-- Eleni

“I worked with Elise while contemplating making a huge change in my life. Elise was

skilled at holding the space for my emotions, acknowledging them as part of the process.

That was important to me. She walked that fine line of giving attention to the barriers

I was experiencing and keeping me firmly future-focused and in action. Elise was empathetic

and practical and always held my vision as primary and achievable.”

-- Rosalie


Elise Roaf Coaching

Your future. In business. In life.

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