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A free 30-minute sample session will help you explore whether coaching is right for you or your organization. Please come prepared with something you would like to be coached on.


To book a session, please send an email with subject line “complimentary coaching session”

“Working with Elise gave me time and space to work thru some of my beliefs that

were really not serving me anymore. They were old and outdated and Elise helped me

to reframe them which brought me more peace and happiness. With Elise’s support

I confronted some of my well-hidden fears, assessed their validity, and in some cases

moved on to happier places. Even one year later, I am still sometimes reminded

of a tool she suggested and it makes me smile and move forward in my life. What a gift!” 

-- Andrea


Elise Roaf Coaching

Your future. In business. In life.

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